11Dec, 2016

Top WordPress Plugins

WordPress is full of plugin options that can be extremely helpful, but also a bit overwhelming. Many wonder how to decide which plugins are the most important and make sense for their needs. A good way to tackle this issue is to look at the top choices of plugins from the experts in order to narrow down the options.

Once you have a grasp of the top-rated choices, you’ll have an easier time determining which ones would benefit your site the most. Take a look at the top 11 WordPress plugins that these marketing experts recommend.


Do you enjoy using Google Docs? For those that like to write their articles and come back to them later for an edit, using the Postable plugin may be the perfect way to improve this process of your online business.

You can draft articles in Google Docs and skip the reformatting you would normally have to do for WordPress since this plugin will help you migrate it to WordPress in a click of the mouse. Postable is recommended by the founder of Elumynt, William Harris, who has been featured in Entrepreneur and SocialMediaToday.

Plugin Vulnerabilities


In addition to Postable, Elumynt founder also suggests getting the Plugin Vulnerabilities plugin. Nobody wants to deal with a hacking situation when trying to run their business online. Fortunately, WordPress has provided a way to keep your plugins safer. Use the Plugin Vulnerabilities one to make sure your plugins are staying up-to-date and free from security threats.


According to Justin Mares, the Founder of “Kettle & Fire,” you should really be using the SumoMe plugin for WordPress. This business owner is a big advocate for the plugin, saying that it’s one of the easiest ways to capture email addresses. When you have to consider the best way to handle your email marketing, having a reliable plugin for email address capturing is a great place to start.


Another suggestion by Mares is GoSquared, a simple way to evaluate your traffic stats on WordPress. Use GoSquared for a real-time look at the traffic status right on your dashboard.

Facebook Comments Plugin

When you use Facebook for your social media marketing efforts, it’s easier than ever to engage with your users through the Facebook Comments Plugin. It works to help you notice your Facebook comments more easily so that you can responds and engage with your followers. In addition, you can make sure you aren’t dealing with trolls and spammers by checking your comments more easily.


If you haven’t heard of Optimizely yet, you’ll love this suggestion from Nathan Chan, the creator of FoundrMag. This digital marketing magazine has been helping entrepreneurs everywhere including big names like Richard Branson. He suggests this WordPress plugin to make sure you have an easier way to see that everything is working smoothly. If you have any issues with performance, this plugin will help you to see what’s not working for you to rework it.

Pretty Link

FoundrMag’s Chan also recommends the WordPress plugin called Pretty Link, a simple solution for your link building needs. When you need to create a custom link, you’ll find that using Pretty Link will become a frequent habit.

Live Composer

Do you like being able to drag and drop things? Ryan Stewart, founder of Webris, says that Live Composer this plugin will help you to design blog posts and content. Since he is already a graphic designer, building great looking content is a priority, and Live Composer helps him to do so. This one works as a drag and drop page format in a front end page builder, similar to Weebly, where you can get things done more quickly than relying on Photoshop or others.

Yoast SEO

Not only does Stewaert of Webris recommend Yoast SEO as another WordPress must-have, but so does Sarah Peterson of Unsettle. Sarah likes Yoast SEO for the purpose of optimizing content without feeling the need to being an expert in SEO.

You can better control how your content looks on various social media platforms. For Stewart, he likes the ease of optimizing the site without the challenges of trying to do so for SEO without a plugin. You’ll find that this plugin cuts out the workload and it’s always coming out with new features.

List Builder

Peterson would also tell you to use List Builder for your WordPress site. This one works to build your email list without needing to know how to code to do it.

Revive Old Post

Lastly, don’t forget to take the advice of Benji Hyam of Grow and Convert. He recommends the Revive Old Post plugin. This one is perfect for bringing your old posts back to the forefront on social media by having it schedule your old content to be posted onto Twitter.

When your online presence and online marketing strategy is on your mind, utilizing the tools at your disposal only makes sense. Take the advice of these marketing experts and get these top plugins from WordPress to make sure your site is as efficient as ever.


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